You can get over heartache and find love

The pain you are feeling is very real. Scientists have discovered that going through a breakup can affect you not only emotionally, but also on a physiological level. They call the physical pain, "Broken Heart Syndrome."  

Being apart from someone you care about whether it was a short affair or a long-term relationship is difficult to bear. Not only are you feeling a loss, but you may be second-guessing what you did wrong or why it ended.  

Do you feel confused and angry and unsure where to place these feelings? You wonder how your life is going to change without him (or her) not in it and the thought of that brings deep despair or even panic. You wonder if you can survive this and we are here to tell you that you can.  

You are strong and there is a way out to feel better.

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Why did this happen?

  • It is not your fault. Nothing you said or did in the relationship caused the breakup.  
  • You were unconsciously drawn to this situation because the person fit into a psychological pattern, or what we call your "Emotional Relating Style™" that drives your romantic choices without your conscious knowledge. In Jungian Psychology, this powerful part of your psyche drives attraction to people that repeat old patterns from early in life and creates that "in love" feeling and chemistry. The love feels so real but it is a fleeting, temporary high that cannot be sustained so the relationship burns out.  
  • You can use this opportunity to bring your pattern into the light so you are able to change your patterns to attract a NEW RELATIONSHIP that brings your REAL, LASTING LOVE.  

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Get to the root of the pattern and make DEEP, LASTING CHANGES without therapy, looking at "limiting beliefs" or "clearing or healing" anything.

What you need to do to feel better...

Stop blaming yourself or getting weighed down in regret. You did nothing wrong!

  • Look at your breakup as a Wake-Up Call to your love life.  
  • Understand how to manage your mind, let go of obsessive thinking and self-blame  
  • Become aware of the hidden patterns that create your Emotional Relating Style™, so you can understand yourself and why you chose this relationship and why it ended.  
  • Redefine who you really are, what you really want and decide not to settle for less.  
  • You can create a new LOVE VISION for yourself that is outside of your old patterns and find lasting love!



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Love Detox 2.0 Program includes:


Start feeling better by exploring your Emotional Relating Style™ or love pattern, so you can learn how to use the experience in a powerful way to transform your love life forever.

  • Understanding the unconscious pattern that led you to this person in the first place
  • Identify your Emotional Relating Style (E.R.S.) and why relationship didn’t work
  • Once you know what happened, you can be confident to get back in control of your love choices


In this module you will learn how to dealing with the emotional aftermath of your breakup with courage and power.

  • Learn 6 core emotions that you experience in breakups so you can better understand what you are feeling and why
  • Practical tools to work with your emotions so that you can reclaim your power in relationships
  • Create a new “peak state” to use as an anchor to get you through tough days
  • Learn how to escape the quicksand of obsessive thinking, regret and self-blame


In this module you will let go of the past for good so that you can trust yourself and others in your future relationships. You will also understand how to...

  • Trust and be open to love again recognize the ego’s pattern of looking backward and being able to refocus your mind on new beginnings
  • Train your mind to think in possibilities
  • Cultivate faith that you will get through this experience feeling more confident and better about love.


Love Detox Visualization Set includes:  

  • Overcoming Obsessive Thinking
  • Reclaiming Your Love Energy
  • Let Go of the Weight of Heartache
  • Recovering Your Lost Self

VALUE: $250


A private thirty (30) minute coaching session with our Lead Staff Coach, Teresa Muhlenkort to give you personalized attention one-on-one so you can work through the process and get ready for love again.  

Value $250

BONUS #3: LIVE Group Coaching Call with Debi & Rob 

Join Debi & Dr. Rob LIVE on a group coaching call to answer your questions about the process and get laser coaching so that you can get the transformation you want.  

A great opportunity to interact with Debi and Dr. Rob directly to deepen your understanding and get clarity on your self-actualization journey.  

Value $250


Summary of Entire Love Detox 2.0 Package:

A 3-part online course to help you get over your breakup, recover from your heartache and breakthrough to a new love reality!

  • Three (3) On-Demand Classes
  • Heartache Recovery Visualization Set - Value $250
  • One (1) Thirty Minute PRIVATE Coaching Call with our Lead Coach - Value $250
  • Live Group Coaching Call with Debi & Dr& Rob - Value $250  

Over $700 in bonuses!


We are so confident that you will get so much out of our program that we guarantee it. Just review the program for thirty days and if you are not satisfied, just ask us for a full refund!  


"Your Love Detox program came at the perfect time and was the key is changing my life. It helped me understand why I was hurting and gave me the courage to be ready for real love." Anonymous, San Francisco, CA

“Debi and Roberto, thank you for a wonderful course. Together you make a powerful team. Not only did I enjoy the course, but I also learned a lot. I especially love the meditations. So good. That shadow work. BIG HUG to you all!:)” A.M., Edmonton, Canada

"Best Life Journey!" - A.A.Dubai, UAE

"Changed my world" - N.B., Vancouver, Canada

"I am now in the relationship of wildest dreams!"- A.S., New York, NY

"Never treat so well with my ideal partner!" - C.O., Columbus, OH

"I'm Engaged!" - C.A., Saudi Arabia 


Dr. Rob Maldonado is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, including the study of dreams, mythology and comparative religion. Robert’s academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology.  

Debi Maldonado is the author of LET LOVE IN (Wiley 2010) has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Publisher’s Weekly, Complete Woman, Playboy Radio, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About LOVE DETOX 2.0

Are the classes live or they re-recorded? 

The modules are on-demand so you can access them and go through them at your own pace. Since we know you need support, we include in the package a bonus coaching session with our lead coach (value $250), a LIVE group coaching call with Debi & Dr. Rob (Value $250), plus tickets to our live event so you have 3 days of bonus support and learning all for $197!

Tell me more about Love Detox 2.0. What can I expect?

We will take you through a unique process of understanding your breakup that doesn't involve therapy or healing, but understanding your personal psychology and the power of your mind.

Here’s how it works … 

You listen to the lectures, then use the techniques described in the classes along with the visualizations to gain more awareness and shift your mind. Then you participate in our live calls and private session to help you move beyond this breakup and your old relating patterns to have confidence in trust to love again.

Will I have to do another course after this or will this cover everything? 

This course is specifically designed to help you get over the heartache of your breakup. You should feel immediate relief and have a good understanding of how you got into this pattern and steps to begin to change them. Most people who are introduced to this process have a strong desire to continue to grow as it gives them so much power and they want more. If you are life-long learner, you will want to do other courses or programs with us as they will change your life. If you are looking for just a quick-fix, this will give you that immediate relief. 

What can expect in my private session?

You will use either phone or skype to meet with our Lead Coach at the time you select. She will spend time getting to know you and your relationship history and coach you through the different aspects of the process to help you gain more clarity. She will also provide you with suggestions for next steps and that may include opportunities to attend other special events and programs that are available for rapid transformation.

What if cannot attend the DESTINY event?

The event tickets are an optional bonus. If you cannot attend the event in the U.S., we will have another event in London, UK that you can attend instead. If you have a friend that may be interested in attending in your place, you can give them your tickets. Just contact customer service to arrange that transfer. No exchanges or discounts will be given if you cannot attend any of these two events as they are optional. 

I'm really interested. But first, tell me more about LOVE DETOX 2.0 money-back guarantee.

With Love Detox 2.0, your purchase is 100% protected. You can try out all the tools inside Love Detox 2.0 for 30 days risk-free. If you find that Love Detox 2.0 isn't right for you, just let us know in the first 30 days and receive a full refund. 

I'm in! When do I get access to my Love Detox 2.0 course?

Fantastic! You'll get access to Love Detox 2.0 (and the bonuses) instantly when you purchase Love Detox 2.0 below. 

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